In the mid 90's I put up my first internet pages on a free server. You know, the ones with all the advertisement included. Shortly after I purchased my own domain and refined my page and as time went on kept adding content and more pages. In 2006 I let them go and soon they were outdated. I eventually took them offline. Recently thinking of updating them and putting them back online I was looking through them. It was then that I realized so much had changed writing new pages was by far easier. What other pages I'll be reintroducing I haven't decided yet, but family content is current.

Until I looked at this photo I never realized how large a family Sharon and I had created, other than Debbie, my sister. 


TOP ROW: Alicia, granddaughter; Noah, great-grandson; Andrea, daughter; Hunter, great-grandson; Debbie, sister; Dennis, me; Sharon, my wife; Dennis, Jr., son; BethAnne, daughter-in-law. SECOND ROW: Bethany, granddaughter; Cassandra, daughter; Keith, son-in-law; Ethan, grandson; Julia, granddaughter; Daniel, grandson; Joseph Jr., grandson. BOTTOM: Pepper; Kayleigh, granddaughter; David, grandson.

Proud to announce that isn't all. On September 8, 2011 Bethany presented us with her first child, a great-grandson, Bentley.


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