I come from a small family having only one sibling, a sister, five years younger. Now when I got married and said "I do" I meant Sharon, not realizing I was taking on another pair of parents and five siblings. We all already knew each other being from the same neighborhood, yes I married my childhood sweetheart. The first four years I was it the service and away, Sharon being with me in the states but returning home when I went overseas. Upon returning home we had all grown up more and the older siblings more in common, Sharon and I being the eldest.

Dorothy "Ma" Kinne at her grandson Travis and Kim's wedding August 2011 at age 90. She currently lives in Raleigh, NC with her daughter Susan.



TOP - Jason, Adam, Andrea, Patty, Scott, James, Chase, Brittany, Kim, Jordan, Travis, Dennis, Joseph, Kim, Keith, Ronny, Beverly.

SECOND - Cassie, Mike, Sue, Chesny, Amy, Jake, Sharon, Andrea, Alicia, Daniel, Noah, Kayleigh, Ethan.

THIRD - BethAnne, David, Bethany, Grandma Kinne, Julia, Nina, Keith

BOTTOM - Dennis, Cassandra, Hunter, Devin , Nicholas, Trey.


About My Sibling In-laws

After Sharon, the eldest sibling would be Beverly. Bev lives in our hometown area in Albion, NY with her grandson Matt living in Medina, NY, our hometown. Next would be Ronald, living and working in Raleigh, NC. While in Raleigh the next being Susan. Sue lives and works in Raleigh, while having and taking care of Mom. The first in-law to migrate to NC being Amy, Sue's daughter, settling in Raleigh with her husband Jeremy and three children Jake, Chesny, and Shelby. Sue's son James still working and living in the Warsaw, NY area with his son Chase. Next in line would be Keith and his wife Kim, still holding down Medina with their younger son Michael, his wife Cassie and two boys, Devin and Trey still in the Medina area. Their older son Adam, wife Andrea and two children, Nicholas and Nina, living in WV following a job opportunity. Now the surprise and shock was eleven years after Keith, the youngest, when Scott came along. Scott lives in Middleport, NY along with his two children Travis and Brittany. Travis and his wife Kim having two children Jordan and Caiden. Brittany and her husband Jim having a daughter Ava.

We all grew up in the same neighborhood so all knew each other already before Sharon and I married. Over the years some of us have remained close while others have drifted away. We don't always agree, or even approve of each others actions but in time of need come together with love and support.