These pages originally posted 2001 - 2005


These pages show more the inner me. A side of me that I have just recently started letting out and sharing.

My Ramblings

I have attempted to write over the years. Getting half done and a block has always been the biggest obstacle. Even most of my saved collection make no sense to me so how can I share them? Here are a few I have decided to share.



My memorial to a recently lost close friend.


My Vietnam

I have been asked why did I volunteer, why two tours, what was it like. Maybe this doesn't give the answers, but it is the closest I can come.

As you can see, these pages reflect a side of me from long ago. Some things fade and pass. This is something that never will.

I do not pass by a memorial, no matter how urgent the trip, without stopping and spending a few minutes with those honored there. They never had the chance to experience the joys of life we have had. Think about it next time you pass one by.