Mr. Wilson James Tanner

September 09, 1952 - December 03, 2002 

Mr. Wilson James Tanner, age 50, of Chuluota, Florida passed away Tuesday, December 3, 2002. He was born September 9, 1952 in Lockport, New York to Mary (Bolton) and Wilson Everett Tanner. He moved to the area in 1991. He was a mechanic in the automotive industry.



Jim and I were the best of friends. Not from childhood years, but from our late teens on. Seems we had the same likes and dislikes. We worked together, raised hell together, drank together. What one didn't think of the other did. Something else we both did was serve our country in Vietnam, and were proud of it. We thought we had made it home from Vietnam safe and sound. In the ninety's Jim started having some health problems which got worse until December, 2002 when we lost Jim. Vietnam had come back to haunt Jim one final time, in the form of Agent Orange.
Jim, we miss you.




When I was a child I had friends.
As friends do,
 friends came and went.
Some of these friends I still know today, 
as friends.

Later on, after childhood friends,
after school friends, I made a friend.
This friend became a close friend.
Just as rebellious, just as crazy,
just as wild as me.

I have many I refer to as my Brother,
Brothers who have served
 and know the agonies of war.
This was not to just be a life long friend,
not just a Brother, but a true Brother.

To you my friend, my Brother.
We shared the good and the bad,
the ups and the downs.
I miss you my Brother,
until we meet again.