I have no memories of life and the way things were before.
They all begin in Vietnam, the years of my tours.
My youth lives only in my dreams… dreams I can’t recall.
You’d think my life began in ‘Nam, but that’s not true at all.

 A soldier bound by duty to keep his country free,
I left the shores of America to fight for liberty.
How was I to know that when the battle lines were shown,
They would split a country… the country I call home.

 Entrenched within the depths of hell my life forever changed.
My dreams of life and liberty forever rearranged.
A killer born of self-defense and raised by a Nation’s lie,
I watched so many comrades, so many heroes die.

 The pain lives on within me, time won’t heal this wound,
Though the nation that rejected me now sings a different tune.
But for all their understanding, they’ll never see at all,
That I would give up everything to be listed on the Wall.