Where are we?

We now live in Tennessee, in the country, in the mountains and love it. Now to back track. As of my last pages I was 56 and living in our hometown of Medina NY. We were living in a four bedroom colonial when circumstances dictated we downsize to an apartment for just the two of us. We moved four miles from the village of Medina to a smaller one of Middleport. Being settled in there for about three years we thought that was it. Then three years ago we came to TN for a Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association event, a campout Labor Day weekend. Doing some riding in the area we loved it. After returning to NY we started talking about the area, how winter was coming again and how we hated the cold and snow. Complained about that every year. In late October my daughter Andrea and I returned, staying at a friends while looking for someplace. As luck would have it a two bedroom, 60's vintage ranch we had seen in September became available, bonus was it was furnished and all we had to bring were clothes. This being the case we maintained our NY residence still having one here as we weren't really sure it would work out. We both love it here and have since severed all ties with NY, other than family and friends. We are located in the Gainesboro area.

What are we doing?

Well to be honest not much of anything. Having been taken out of work on disability in 2008 I no longer work. After Sharon turned 62 my doctor asked her if she would consider retiring to be with me. We discussed it and even though she really liked her job and was going to miss it decided to retire. We decided we wanted to spend our time together rather than Sharon working for the government and receiving, maybe, a few more pennies in Social Security. Now we have our time together, and to top it the business Sharon worked for went out of business about a year after she left.

Now the rest of the family?

I have already covered Sharon and me. Next my sister Debbie, my only sibling, lives in CA. It's a special treat when we get to visit. Our eldest, Dennis lives in the Rochester, NY area with his wife BethAnne and three children, Daniel, Julia and David. Next would be Andrea currently living in TN with her son Joseph her other two daughters living in NY. Alicia the oldest living in Medina with her boyfriend Jason and two children Hunter and Noah. Bethany being next living in the Oakfield area with her boyfriend Will and new son Bentley. The youngest being Cassandra, living in Durham, NC with her husband Keith and two children Kayleigh and Ethan.

Now for those of you counting that should be three children, eight grand children and three great-grandchildren!